Resources for the working group considering device, name and award ideas for a Principality. See current device ideas and name ideas.

  • For a quick run-down on choosing a device for an SCA group, see Fiora's excellent introduction to the subject: SCA branch devices v2.pdf
  • Also see these General Principles for device design and name generation from the working group, and this proposed decision process for winnowing and agreeing on all heraldic elements such as name, device and award names
  • Here's an initial set of brainstormed device ideas courtesy of the team and other folk they've talked with in recent times
  • Likewise, here are many name ideas that have been brainstormed over the years
  • Join the team on the NZ Heraldry mailing list! (After you join, get up to speed by taking a look at the archives)

NB: even if a Principality didn't happen any time soon, an agreed and registered device could be used as a regional populace badge, and a registered name used to describe us in-game, instead of using the mundane "New Zealand".


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