Links to Laws for other principalities (and their parent kingdoms), as of March 2021:


Also see:

  • If you'd like to contribute in this area, by all means join the NZ Laws mailing list - after you join up, check out the archives
  • 2010 discussion and mockup of Laws for the very-lightly-mooted Queensland Principality of Drottingsmark (small Word doc)
  • Lochac Kingdom Law - the page also describes the precedence of the Laws and rules which controls our activities and has links to all the relevant documents (Principality Law and the Word of the Coronet would sit just below the Word of the Crown - though in a somewhat quantum location, because the SCANZ halo could mean that certain Principality Laws might be protected from being overridden by lesser entities - see Lowran's diagram below).
  • The SCANZ Rules and policies page
  • Don't overlook the SCA affiliation agreements

Below is Lowrens' diagram of how Principality Law would integrate into our existing structure:

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