How to include Regnumator-sourced Regnums on NZ sites

Note:  The techniques described below can also be used to include the standard policies page on your website, so that you no longer need to maintain that content locally.

First, confirm that the AU-hosted Regnum for your group looks ok. It's at (southron-gaard is hyphenated). Then see the instructions below:

1. For Drupal sites, such as this one

2. For non-Drupal sites, like SG's longstanding one

3. For Wordpress-AU sites, like SG's dev one

1. Drupal sites:

Use the iframe extension (if it's not already installed and enabled on your site, contact William de Cameron). Docs for this module can be found here but the notes below should suffice:

1. Use Structure|Content Types to either create a new content type (e.g. "Regnum page") or just add Iframe capability to an existing one, such as Basic page. For example, go to Structure|Content Types and use the Manage fields|Edit button for a Basic page to add an IFrame_field type.  Note: being only a casual Drupal user, I don't know if there are downsides of adding this field to an existing, commonly-used content type. It certainly works without issues, but obviously means there is now scope to add IFrames to all pages of that type, which will be distracting and may be resource-intensive in ways I know not wot of.

2. Once your content type includes IFrame, use the Manage Fields|Manage Display to change the IFrame Label setting to -Hidden-. Otherwise any page where you use Iframe will have an annoying "Iframe" label appearing.

3. Then simply create a new page of that content type and you'll find the Iframe settings at the bottom. Just fill in the appropriate external URL, width and height (title is optional). I used a width of 95% and a height of 900 (pixels) since otherwise the default height Drupal provided was way too short.


2. Non-Drupal sites:

Much easier - just include HTML such as this at the appropriate point in your page, and tweak until happy:


3. Wordpress sites hosted on the AU server

Just go here.